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State Requirements and Available Coverage Options


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Your policy must meet state requirements, and your rates depend upon the age, make and model of your vehicle. Your driving history is another key factor that can adjust your premium.

Consider your budget and safety needs, as well as the value of your automobile and the cost of an emergency room visit if you get into an accident. Discussing legal requirements along with your priorities for coverage with a licensed agent can help you determine what will be your best fit.


Mandatory Coverage

Increase your odds of claims approval and reimbursement.

Only two kinds of auto insurance are required in Florida if you own your vehicle. If you lease or finance, your bank will also require that you add comprehensive and collision coverage.

Please consider each of your options carefully to provide greater protection for your vehicle, yourself and your passengers.


Property Damage Liability (PDL)

Cover repair costs to another individual’s personal property when you just didn’t see that fence coming. Choose a deductible amount that will pay for a range of Deerfield Beach property expenses.


Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Protect yourself if you and/or your vehicle are damaged in an accident you did not cause.

Recommended Coverage

Suggestions to approve your claim for various damages.



Coverage you need in order to report a claim for natural disasters, vandalism, theft,  flooding, fire damage or any other damages not covered by Collision Insurance. Optional for car owners, and mandatory for lessees still paying off their vehicles, you gain protection from a range of damages.

Whether your scratches result from inclement weather or an unexpected sideswipe on I-95, comprehensive policies pay up to a certain amount for repairs or replacement of your car.



Protection from vehicle damage caused by the impact of another vehicle. Whether parked or in moving traffic,  scratches, dents and replacement for totaled vehicles are covered.


Bodily Injury Liability

Cover your assets when your driving has caused injury or death. BIL policies pay for injuries up to the amount you purchase and offer assistance with legal protection, should the injured person(s) file a suit for reimbursement.

Bodily injury coverage also covers injuries caused by other drivers in your household, while driving your vehicle or someone else’s.


Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist

Protect yourself from damages caused by drivers without liability coverage, or those carrying the least amount required.

If you are subject to medical expenses or automobile repairs exceeding the driver at fault’s policy limit, your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage can help. Your policy will pay up to the amount you purchase.

Personal injury protection is applied to an auto claim in the event that you are injured by an uninsured driver. Considering the cost of emergency care, and elevated property values in South Florida, this is highly recommended for both medical bills and property damages.


Additional Coverage

Emergency roadside assistance and towing are optional policies that provide access to conveniences and protective services that help cover any Deerfield Beach driver from daily hazards.

If you are locked out of your vehicle, get a flat tire or dead battery, you might want said insurer to send assistance your way. Before assuming these perks are included in your policy, check your coverage, and add them on for a very small additional amount.